Sunday, November 16, 2014

Still Alive

Not a single post in October as faithful viewer Amy pointed out.
Life is good and Lonan is thriving - nuclear powered and turbo charged as always.
1st grade is going well - still challenging but much better than Kindergarten.
Not a single pic from Halloween I'm ashamed to say. We're so busy living life now that I find myself forgetting to record it. I'm contemplating blogicide. This was always meant to be Lonan's baby book but he's no longer a baby. In fact he takes lots of pictures and videos of his own. For now I'll try to keep up where & where I can. More photos go on Facebook these days, tho I'm not terribly active there either. But feel free to friend me - just mention the blog if I don't know you personally. 
Looking forward to the holidays. Lonan says it's even better than Halloween because you get candy AND presents!

Lo and his Grandpa - birds of a feather.

A boy and his dog. Can't believe Larrabee is still with us at 14. Recently started some puppy uppers which have him acting like his old old self. We had company the other night and he stole a wedge off a cheese plate when he thought no one was looking. Back to his old tricks.