Monday, February 18, 2008


Stomach viruses all around, compliments of baby boy. He had it Thursday & Friday, Doug got it Saturday and I had it Sunday. Blech. And Lucy told me this morning she was sick over the weekend too. He's a regular Typhoid Mary! The good news is it passed pretty quickly and we are all back to normal today.

Doug took Lonan to the doctor Friday and she told us we would just have to work through it. Surprisingly, other than the puking (which wasn't very bad) he didn't have any other symptoms... he ate well and slept well and he was as spazzy as ever. But I was suprised to hear that he was only 18 pounds ( and change) and now in the 30th percentile, down from the 50th percentile in December. He's the incredibale shrinking baby! Dr. Anne was pleased with his health overall, but I will start looking into Human Growth Hormone, just in case.

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