Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"My Child Will Not Watch TV til He's 2"

Whoever said that (Poppa) clearly did not have children. We did make a conscious effort to keep Lonan away from TV until shortly after he turned one and was suddenly running in a million directions at once. If we could get him to watch just 5 minutes of Sesame Street or some such program we could all catch our breath. Unfortunately 5 minutes was exactly what we got. He had very little interest in anything we showed him. But in about the last month he's taken to Thomas the Tank Engine. He recognizes some of the engines (Percy!) and dances to the song that I unfortunately can't get out of my head ("They're 2, they're 4, they're 6, they're eight, shunting cars and hauling freight..). Thomas is now part of our nighttime ritual. Should we forget, Lonan will grab the remote and bring it me and say, "Poppa, train!" And bless the creators who end the newer episodes with a scene of the trains going to bed. That's Lonan's cue and off he goes. Needless to say we have EVERY EPISODE EVER MADE on our DVR.

A very Useful Engine indeed.


Scott Williams said...

Hmm...seems I recall "judgment" from Lonan's daddies when friend Reed was watching Nemo or some other such DVD during a ski trip last year. The dynamite dads can't entertain the little guy 24/7 anymore?

Dennis & Doug said...

not judgement. love.