Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday

We've been laying low this week.. Lonan and I both fighting colds we contracted during our trans-western travels. But I think the end is near and we will be back in full swing this weekend with a visit to a pumpkin patch and Castro St. Fair.
Lonan had his first dentist appt. this week. Apparently we are the worst parents in San Francisco, if not the entire bay area. We received a strict lesson on proper brushing (which he hates even more than the improper brushing we had been doing up until now) and we were told in no uncertain terms that it's time to say bye bye binkie. Cold turkey just seems too much to bear - for all of us. So, at the suggestion of a friend (Laura via Auntie Saf) we told Lonan he can only have the binkie in his crib. That seems to be working pretty well. And as soon as he falls asleep we take it out. This is all leading up to the arrival of the Binkie Fairy (dentist's suggestion) who will leave Lonan a fabulous gift (a tricycle) in exchange for those damn pacifiers.

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Unknown said...

Ahh come on there has to be at least one set of parents worse then you're just not looking hard enough! *grin*