Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The 411

Our 1 year checkup is this Friday (shots - ack!) so we'll find out just how big the boy is now. But he's already entered a new phase.. not quite a toddler yet but less baby. With 6 teeth, he's done with baby food. Now it's lots of fruit (esp. bananas, strawberries and blueberries) veggies (loves broccoli and corn) and chicken. LOVES pancakes and sausage, eggs - not so much. We let him taste anything we're eating (as long as its not too processed or spicy) and there's very little he won't chow down. He sleeps well - he goes down at 8 and rarely puts up much of a fuss. He sleeps until 7-8 in the morning - but still wakes up anywhere between 4-6 for a bottle, although we're weaning off that. In fact this morning he wouldn't take it -- he just needed soothed back to sleep. And the bottles themselves will soon be gone. He's been drinking milk since 9 mos, and we could have weaned him off formula then, but Dr. Anne wanted him to get the extra calories, since he was small for his age. He should be walking soon - he can stand on his own now for a few seconds, but finds crawling much more efficient. New stats this Friday - but I would guess 27 inches - and about 23 pounds. He's almost caught up to baby Leo.

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